Workshop Program

Date: Friday, June 3rd 2016, 14:00-18:00

Paper presentations:
  ♦ Urban Anomalous Events Analysis based on Bayes Probabilistic Model from Mobile Phone Records
    Rong Xie

  ♦ Human Activity Recognition in a Smart Home Environment with Stacked Denoising Autoencoders
    Aiguo Wang, Guilin Chen, Cuijuan Shang, Miaofei Zhang and Li Liu

  ♦ A Novel Feature Extraction Method on Activity Recognition Using Smartphone
    Dachuan Wang, Li Liu, Xianlong Wang and Yonggang Lu

  ♦ An Improved Slope One Algorithm Combining KNN Method Weighted by User Similarity
    Songrui Tian and Ling Ou

  ♦ A combined model based on neural networks, LSSVM and weight coefficients optimization for short-term electric load forecasting
    Caihong Li, Zhaoshuang He and Yachen Wang

  ♦ DroidDelver: An Android Malware Detection System Using Deep Belief Network Based on API Call Blocks
    Yanfang Ye, Shifu Hou, Aaron Saas and Lifei Chen

  ♦ Modeling User Preference from Rating Data Based on the Bayesian Network with a Latent Variable
    Renshang Gao and Kun Yue

  ♦ Ranking Online Services by Aggregating Ordinal Preferences
    Ying Chen, Xiao-Dong Fu, Kun Yue, Li Liu and Li-Jun Liu

  ♦ A Hybrid Approach for Sparse Data Classification Based on Topic Model
    Guangjing Wang, Jie Zhang, Xiaobin Yang and Li Li

  ♦ Fault-tolerant adaptive routing in n-D mesh
    Meirun Chen and Yi Yang